Lifeguards back on the beach tomorrow
May 14th, 2015 by Eddie

The coldhearted ocean has been benign and warm hearts have prevailed. Kean Millward, Ty Inwood, Carmen Gutierrez, Sharon Burns and Cindy Hong have generously stepped forward to donate what will be enough to get the lifeguards back on the beach tomorrow (Friday). Lousy weather and few people helped keep us safe these last two long days. I stopped my car today to go over and give some riptide advice to a lone group of adolescent tourists enjoying the ocean, close to shore, but perhaps unaware of the risk. Tomorrow the lifeguards will do this.

Thank you Doug Dosdall from Puerto Viejo Satellite for this donated website and your intermediary role with donations. Thanks to Colin Brownlee for setting up a donation page on Go Fund Me and to Kitty Ryan for helping to get info and photos uploaded.

Kean writes:

Back in February 2013 my brother in-law Marco and I came to Puerto Viejo for a week to look at properties. One day we were down on Cocles beach and saw the flags etc. We were just in up to our waists and jumping the large waves, we’d been in for a while when suddenly up we went and then down…to no bottom, we started to swim towards the beach but noticed I wasn’t making any headway, getting tired (and knowing there were lifeguards) I tread water and raised my arm. Out they came and had us ashore in no time. Wonderful to have these guys. A heartfelt thank you to all who keep this program running.

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