We need your help to restore full staffing
May 9th, 2016 by Eddie

Esteemed Donors, Because of your generous support over the last 14 years countless lives have been spared at Cocles Beach since in 2002 five people drowned in just eight days!

The C12491908_146213522418695_4251373457751638727_oocles Lifeguard Program is once again in crisis closing out April with a deficit of ₡59,619.00. The last two weeks we have once again had to send one of our trusted, faithful lifeguards home without pay leaving everyone’s safety in the noble hands of but one lifeguard!

Our lifeguards are extremely responsible and specifically trained. A few weeks back we received a donation of a defibrillator from the USA with training on how to use it. The lifeguards can now not only rescue someone and give first aid, but keep that person alive awaiting the ambulance!

Please help us with a special donation if you’re not a monthly supporter and if you’re a business, join the other 60 who have kept this project alive. Please if you can donate some time to help me look for other financing contact me. Can anyone help me with a high level contact in Coca Cola or the Cerveceria? We need some money right now to make sure that no one drowns as we’ve done for 14 years.

Eddie Ryan

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