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You can donate to the program in several ways:

1.) Make a deposit or transfer via Banco Nacional de Costa Rica

Deposits can be made as follows:

Número de la cuenta Moneda Dueño
200-02-000-599264-3 Dolares Mickey Dean Ryan Castillo

These can be done in person at any branch of Banco Nacional or, for BNCR account holders you can do an online “transferencia” from your account. Please contact info@lacostadepapito.com for additional details if you’d like to do a SINPE transfer from another bank.

Businesses wishing to do a regular monthly donation may want to setup a scheduled transfer.

Please inform info@lacostadepapito.com regarding your donation so the deposit can be properly directed to the lifeguard program.

2.) One time credit card or international eCheck donations

Visitors to the area who would like to make a donation can do so via Puerto Viejo Satellite which has offered to process credit card donations and cover credit card fees so the full amount of your donation gets to the program.

You can make the donation at www.puertoviejosatellite.com/donate.php.

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